Video transcription

My name is Staff Sergeant Hawkins. I'm a U.S. army recruiter based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Today we are going to talk about the reserve army pay scale. The reserve army pay scale can get a little more knowledge about it. When you first join the reserves you are still going to go to nine weeks of basic training, you are going to do advanced individual training AIT, for the job that you chose, we do not choose the job for you. You will go do those trainings and while you are in training, you will receive full time active duty pay and benefits. That includes the medical, the dental things of that nature, even life insurance. When you come back to Salt Lake City or where ever you joined out of to do your reserve time, you are going to attend school, of course on the Army's dime, if that's what you choose to do. But you are going to be paid one weekend a month, a weekend a month is a little bit of a misnomer, what I'm talking about, they are going to consider a weekend, Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon. That's considered four drills. If you were the lowest ranking person as an E-1, the minimum pay is a hundred and sixty six dollars for the weekend. If you'd like more information on joining the army reserves and get a little more in depth with the information we have, cause I have tons of it, please contact me at 801-487-8686.