"Alice in Wonderland" Singing Flowers Costume Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

A passage from Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass" inspired a scene in Disney's animated feature "Alice in Wonderland," in which a life-size garden of flowers sing the Academy Award nominated song "All in the Golden Afternoon." Whether you want to make a floral costume for yourself or a little one, draw inspiration from the animated flowers that sing to Alice in Disney's classic 1951 film.


In the Disney film, the chorus of singing violets are orange and yellow, pink and white, red and orange, purple and violet and mauve and purple, but you can choose any two colours to make your floral costume look childlike and animated. A green dress or suit, with leaves along your arms if you desire, will make up the body of this singing flower costume, as the wearer's face will serve as the flower head. Re-create the distinct shape of one of the singing violets in "Alice in Wonderland" by layering four single pieces of solid fabric. These pieces should be cut in the same shape but in decreasing size, as the colours will alternate as they frame the wearer's face.


A red rose directs the singing flowers in Disney's "Alice in Wonderland," but it is the elegant white rose, under a canopy of spider webs and jewelled with raindrops, that takes centre stage with a solo. Create a costume that features a green dress or suit, decked out with leaves along your arms and legs if you want, and large ruffled petals cut out of felt or fabric to make the flower head around your face. If you choose to go red, don't forget the rosebud director's wand, and if you'd rather dress up as the white rose use clear beads or rhinestones to imitate water droplets.


A group of colourful dandelions joins the singing flowers in Disney's "Alice in Wonderland," despite the fact these blooms aren't specifically mentioned in Lewis Carroll's story. Make a bushy, mane-like flower head of either pink, purple or orange string or yarn to mimic the singing dandelions, and dress in dark green colours to help the bright colour of the flower on your dandelion costume really stand out.

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