Gas grills that use lava rock

A gas grill is a cooking device that you usually use outdoors, having one or more gas burners. Above the burners in some models is a grate to hold lava rock or ceramic briquettes. Lava rock is a natural volcanic rock that helps prevent meat juices from dripping down into the burners. The rocks also help distribute the heat more evenly.

Omega 200

The Omega 200 is described as an entry level barbecue. It is suitable for preparing food for four people. You light the unit using a piezoelectric push-button ignition. It has an aluminised dual-control burner that fits into the whole of the cooking base. The cooking area is 14.17 by 19.68 inches and it is has a one-piece hammertone painted hood. The hood and body are factory assembled. The unit has a chrome cooking grill, two side shelves and a removable nylon screen, although the warming rack is an optional extra. The Omega 200 has rubber tire wheels and wheel covers. When assembled, the unit is 48.03 by 19.48 by 40.94 inches. The gross weight is 2480 Kilogram. The Omega 200 comes with lava rock.

Landmann 12391

German company Landmann makes three gas grills that use lava rock, including the lava rock gas barbecue, item 12391. Designed to cook enough food for eight people at a time, the 12391 has an adjustable, 5.5kW aluminised steel burner. You ignite the burner with a push-button piezoelectric spark device. The cooking grill is chrome-plated and the unit includes a rack where you can store your lava rock. You can store barbecue tools and side dishes on the wooden side shelf, which is foldable. As for the gas cylinder, you can store that on the lower wooden shelf, above the wheels. The unit is 34.25 inches wide by 38.97 inches high and weighs 1800 Kilogram.

Albany 3 Burner Gas BBQ

The Albany 3 Burner Gas BBQ is a commercial product that would be a good choice for a small restaurant wanting to offer outdoor catering. It is the only barbecue made by Blue Riband that can use lava rock. With its three main burners and a side burner, each capable of working at 12,000 British thermal units, the Albany can cater for eight or more people at a time. Its two-piece, cast iron cooking grid measures approximately 25 by 19 inches. The unit is made from stainless steel and has four heavy-duty steel castors. It has electronic ignition, a removable grease tray and a wire plate rack. The Albany is coated with porcelain to ensure efficient heat transfer and also to make the surfaces easier to clean.

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