What to wear with high waisted trousers

Updated February 21, 2017

High-waisted trousers have a higher waist line than most trousers. The high waist is also found on shorts and skirts. Some people say the style is unflattering and call the trousers "mom jeans." The trousers show belly fat and sometimes make hips and buttocks look bigger. Pairing these trousers with the right shirts and accessories is key to making them look good.

Body Type and Fit

High-waisted trousers look best on people with long legs and small waists. However, with some creative styling, other body types can look flattering in the trousers. The trousers are sometimes flared at the bottom and sometimes tight. If you're short or have a larger waist, stay away from the tighter bottom trousers. Also, if you're short, the trousers can make your torso look much smaller. To avoid this, wear a shirt that exposes your neck, like a V-neck top. Buy high-waisted trousers that are snug and not baggy around the waist or other areas.

Tops and Accessories

The best tops to wear with high-wasted trousers must be able to be tucked into the trousers. However, when the top is tucked in, it shouldn't bunch or make the trousers too fluffy in the middle. Tops should be fitted and not baggy. A jacket worn with the trousers can hide larger thighs and buttocks. Leave the jacket unbuttoned. Wear high heels with the trousers to create a longer and leaner look. A belt -- even if you already have a small waist -- is also a good match with high-waisted trousers to accentuate the waist.

For Larger Waists

If you have a larger waist, the thought of wearing high-waisted trousers might be terrifying. High-waisted trousers show belly fat and because shirts are almost always tucked in with high-waisted trousers, and you can't hide a larger waist under a loose top. Instead, wear a belt to cinch your waist and make it appear smaller. Consider wearing a vest with a top and do not tuck the vest into your trousers to hide your waist. Sometimes a higher waist can actually make a waist look leaner because it smooths out that part of the torso, and doesn't leave fat hanging over the top of the trousers.

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