Suzuki hayabusa battery specifications

Written by william bronleigh | 13/05/2017

The Suzuki Hayabusa is arguably the premier sport motorcycle in the world. Debuting in 1999, it set a new benchmark for performance, particularly in the top speed of a road-legal motorcycle. The first generation Hayabusa came out until 2008, when the second generation appeared. Second generation Hayabusas had a slight increase in engine size and power. Hayabusa owners may want to know specifications to select the right unit when replacing a worn battery.

First Generation Battery Specifications (1999-2007)

The First Generation Hayabusa utilises a YT12A-BS model battery that has a 12-volt capacity, 36 kC (10 Ah)/10HR. Battery voltage readings from a voltmeter should read between 12.5 and 12.6V of direct current (DC).

Second Generation (2008 and up) Battery Specifications

The Second Generation Hayabusa requires the same specifications as the previous models, but it is a YTX12A-BS model battery that has a 12-volt capacity, 36 kC (10 Ah)/10HR. Standard electrolyte has a specific gravity of 1.320 at 20 degrees Celsius.

Battery Maintenance

A reading of under 12V requires a charging, which with a 5A charger will take one hour, and with a 1.2A charger will take five to 10 hours. You will need a maintenance charge every month when you are not using the motorcycle regularly.

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