Nautical Personalized Gifts

Updated April 17, 2017

Personalised gifts are thoughtful and unusual. If you are buying a gift for someone who is familiar with sailing, consider a nautically themed gift. Sea lovers and sailors alike may enjoy nautical-themed gifts for a celebration. Navy and white are colours typically present in nautically themed items and are often found on jackets and hats. However, you can also find items such as life vests and life savers to personalise as gifts as well.


A wooden boat is a gift that any boat lover would enjoy. You can personalise it with the person's name, as well as the name of his favourite location to sail to. You can also have a replica of his boat crafted and personalised with his name or the name of his boat.

Captain's Hat

A captain's hat is an item that is associated with sailors and other seamen. Have a captain's hat personalised with the name of the person to whom you are giving the gift. For an added touch, have the year the person first began sailing or another sea-related milestone stitched into the hat.

Photo gifts

A lifesaver makes an ideal picture frame for a sea lover. You can create your own or purchase one already made. Insert a favourite photo of your gift receiver and have his name stitched around the lifesaver. You can also have a photo of your nautical enthusiast painted onto a seaman's jacket for added effect.

Seashell Gifts

Use seashells to create unique jewellery for a sea lover. String small shells on thin wire to create a necklace or bracelet. You may also paint the shells your sea lover's favourite colours to further personalise the gift. You can also use shells to decorate items like picture frames, cups or plates. Or consider spelling the name of your gift recipient on a wooden board using seashells. You can incorporate favourite photos, dates or other personal references onto your wooden board as well.

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