Little Red Riding Hood Storyboard Activities

Written by krystal miller
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Little Red Riding Hood Storyboard Activities
Little Red Riding Hood always wore a red cape. (the red cape image by Jorge Moro from

"Little Red Riding Hood" is a well-known story about a little girl taking a basket of goodies to her sick grandmother. Unfortunately, the Big Bad wolf decides that the girl would make a tasty snack, so he dressed up as her grandmother in order to trick her. The story gives teachers the perfect opportunity to talk to their students about child abduction, and teach them how to deal with dangerous situations. After reading the book to your class, use your imagination to help your students. create hands-on crafts and participate in activities that relate to the story.

Other People Are Reading


Role play. To help the students understand the full concept of the story, assign each person a part in the book, then let them act out the story. If you have too many students, divide the students into groups, so everyone will have an important part. After everyone performs, have a group discussion about the important lessons they have learnt from the story.

What Time Is It?

Play a game in the gym or outside called "What time is it?" You will begin by being the big bad wolf and standing on one end of the gym. The students are the little red riding hoods and they will stand on the other end of the gym from you. Turn your back to the students and let one student yell, "What time is it, Big Bad Wolf?" You will answer any time you would like, such as 5 o'clock. The time you say is the number of the corresponding steps the students must take toward you. The students will take turns asking you what time it is and moving closer to you, until you yell, "It's dinner time." At that point, you will turn around and try to catch one of the little red riding hoods. Once they are back at the starting points, they are safe. The person you catch is the next big bad wolf ,and if you do not catch anyone, then you are the wolf again.

Diary Activity

Explain to your students that a diary is a journal that people use to write down their daily thoughts, ideas and feelings. Read the "Little Red Riding Hood" storybook to your class, and tell the students they need to pretend to be Little Red Riding Hood. The students will each write a diary entry, as if they where Little Red Riding Hood, summing up the day's events. After the students write their entry, have them read them aloud to the rest of the class, then have a group discussion about the book.

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