Unique Wedding Gifts for a Daughter

Updated February 21, 2017

Your daughter's wedding day will be one of the biggest days in her life as well as yours, and a special gift should be given to commemorate the occasion. A unique, personal gift that shows your love and support is a far more appropriate choice than dishware or kitchen appliances, and is sure to be a gift she will cherish forever.


A handmade scrapbook commemorating your daughter's life up until her wedding day is a deeply personal gift that she can cherish for years to come and share with her own children. Compile photographs and paper keepsakes from throughout her childhood, teen and early adult years together in an album alongside patterned papers, journal tags and embellishments. Use the journal tags to write personal messages on each page, such as why a photo of her is one of your favourites or a sentimental account of one of your favourite memories of her.


A locket engraved with her name or initials on the back and a family photograph inside will remind her of her place in your heart as she makes her way down the aisle. A dual-sided locket that can hold two photographs will allow her to place a picture of her own family inside as she begins to build it with her husband. This way she will always be reminded of her entire family and can wear it close to her heart.

Framed Portrait

Have one of her engagement photographs professionally framed in a high-quality frame. A glass frame with a poem laser engraved onto it is one idea to consider, as is an ornamental or antique frame. This way she can display the picture in her home with her husband.

Family Heirloom

A family heirloom is another extremely sentimental gift idea that your daughter will cherish, and this gift will symbolise her maturity as you now view her as responsible enough to take care of it. Her great-grandmother's wedding ring or favourite pendant are both examples of family heirlooms that may be passed on from generation to generation that you can give to your daughter on her wedding day.


Your daughter can use a fine set of luggage immediately on her honeymoon, and she can use it in the years to come as she embarks on different travels. This gift is practical but also symbolises her independence, as she is starting her own life.

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