Pots and Pans Safe for Ceramic Cooktops

Updated February 21, 2017

Ceramic cooktops are easy to clean because of their smooth finish, but this feature makes the cooktop vulnerable to chips and scratches. Before adding a ceramic hob to your kitchen, consider the cookware you are presently using. Some pots and pans aren't suited for the smooth finish of a ceramic hob and could cause damage.


Stainless steel cookware that is medium to heavyweight is well suited for ceramic tops. Stainless steel that is thin will warp from high heat and the bottom will not remain flat. A flat bottom surface is essential for good heat conduction.

Aluminium and anodised aluminium pans are suitable to use but the cookware has the possibility of leaving marks. Clean the residue with a recommended ceramic top cleaner after each use to prevent the marks from becoming permanent.

Porcelain or enamel pots and pans also work for ceramic tops, however, if the cookware is painted, the paint can transfer to the cooktop if the pan is overheated.


Use the appropriate size cookware for the burner. A pan that is too large for the burner will not conduct the heat in the most efficient manner. Using a pan that is too small for the burner is a waste of energy. Another important consideration is the bottom of the pan. A warped pan that does not lay flat cannot conduct heat efficiently and the cooking time will be increased.


Sliding cookware, rather than picking it up, will produce scratches or chipping in the ceramic cooktop. Always pick up the cookware when removing it from the burner and never shake the pan on the hob to mix ingredients.

Cast iron has a rough bottom and should not be used on ceramic tops. Glass cookware has the potential of cracking from the quick rise in temperature.

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