Market factors that drive smartphones

Updated April 17, 2017

Smartphones allow users to connect to the Internet conveniently on mobile phone devices. Such phones enable users to shop online, download media, send e-mail and interact with contacts on social networking websites. Smartphone usability and reliability, the cost of the devices and the services provided by wireless carriers are considered factors that drive the smartphone industry.


Smartphone technology changes frequently. Smartphone companies develop products continually to compete for sales among a global pool of tech savvy consumers who demand the latest technology. The development of new software applications, wireless technology such 3G and 4G, bluetooth compatibility, cellphone camera resolution, GPS technology and product development drive the competition aspects of the smartphone market.

Economic Factors

The state of the economy, such as economic booms and recessions, also drives the smartphone industry. If consumers can't afford high-priced smartphones, companies must find ways to market the phones to the public, even when it means scaling back features, free applications and new technology. Likewise, wireless providers must pay attention to economic factors. If wireless service is too costly, consumers could pass on the mobile devices for which they provide services.

Reliability and Usability

Reliability and usability deeply affect the smartphone industry. When selecting smartphone models and providers, users factor in reliability, such as concerns over dropped calls and 3G and 4G connectivity problems, before making purchases. Because smartphone features and usability also drive the market, companies create products for specific work environments, age groups and personal interests. Consumers within such groups consider features such as larger viewing screens, user-friendly keypads and clear audio signals before buying smartphones.

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