Two-Stage Hydraulic Pumps for Log Splitters

Updated June 19, 2018

Hydraulic log splitters utilise a hydraulic pump that drives a piston to split logs. A two-stage hydraulic pump for log splitters has two pumping sections, one to apply the high pressure needed to split a log, the other operating at low pressure to withdraw the piston. Hydraulic pumps are rated by pumping action in gallons per minute. It's best to select a replacement with the same specifications as the one already on your log splitter.

Central Hydraulics 99742

The Central Hydraulics 99742 two-stage pump, with a 1/2-inch shaft, provides 11 gallons per minute (gpm) of pumping action, and a maximum operating pressure of 1361 Kilogram per square inch (psi). It runs at a maximum of 3,400rpm. Its hydraulic inlet uses a 3/4-inch hose, while its hydraulic outlet uses a 1/2-inch hose. This pump costs £67 as of December 2010. It works with any log splitter that utilises an external-source hydraulic system.

Dyn Two-Stage Pumps

The Dyn two-stage pumps operate at 3,000 psi and have a 1-inch tube inlet, a 1/2-inch national pipe thread (NPT) outlet, a 1/2-inch shaft and four-bolt face. These pumps range in price from £79 to £84 as of December 2010. The EZ-DY-11 pumps 11 gpm with a recommended 5.5hp engine; the EZ-DY-13 pumps at 13 gpm and is recommended for a 6.5hp engine, while the EZ-DY-16 two-stage 16 gpm pump is recommended for use with an 8hp engine.

Haldex Barnes

Haldex Barnes manufactures high-end, heavy-duty two-stage hydraulic pumps for log splitters, as well as hydraulics for trucks and other equipment. Their two-stage hydraulic pumps for log splitters are priced higher than some other brands, ranging in December 2010 from £90 for the 11 gpm model run with a 5.5hp engine, to £256 for the 28 gpm model run with a 16hp engine. These pumps are best suited to a log splitter that sees continuous use, such as those used by professional woodcutters.

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