Gift Ideas for a 17 Year Old Boy

Updated April 17, 2017

Seventeen is a pivotal and delicate time in a young man's life. At 17, boys have begun to define themselves as adults. They are deciding the profession to which they want to dedicate their life and where they want to study. They are experiencing the many changes that entail the evolution from the simplicity of childhood to the responsibility of manhood. Match the gift for your 17-year-old boy to complement his interests and personality.

Mr Creativity

If your 17-year-old boy is creative and endeavours to pursue arts like music or photography get him a present that supports his undertaking. A musical instrument like a guitar or drum set lasts for years if well kept and enables an aspiring musician to improve his skill immeasurably. Giving an instrument shows your teen that you believe in his talents and support his effort. A new camera is a vehicle through which an aspiring photographer can develop his eye for subject, composition and build his portfolio. A strong portfolio gives your 17-year-old a head start in the competitive world of photography. Whatever his artistic fancy, match your gift to complement and support his dreams.

Mr Active

If your 17-year-old is the athletic type choose an outdoor adventurer gift. A surfboard suits a young man who loves the water. Surfing improves physical skills like balance and dexterity and helps a boy gain courage and make friends along the way. Mountain bikes suit athletic adventurer types. Bikes give kids a sense of freedom and independence. Owning his own vehicle also instils in him a sense of responsibility and the importance of taking care of his possessions. Sports-related gifts appeal to active 17-year-olds because they enable them to increase their strength and improve their physical skills.

Mr Intelligence

If your 17-year-old boy is an intellectual, cater his gift to challenge his curious mind.

A telescope is an incredible tool for young men interested in outer space. It allows its observer to see into the depth and wonders of the sky. Telescopes are awe-inspiring and offer a new perspective about life on earth. A subscription to his favourite magazine is a valuable resource for an intellectual boy. Regular editions of educational literature keep young minds updated on the latest developments in their field of interest. They inspire curiosity and offer insight and ideas. A telescope and magazine subscription suit the disposition of intellectual young men by encouraging creative thinking and learning.

Mr Unique

If your 17-year-old boy does not fit into an obvious category, consider delighting him with an unexpected gift. A pet like a dog can help a shy 17-year-old come out of his shell. Dogs give loving non-judgemental companionship and loyalty. They afford their owners opportunities to meet new people on walks every day. Dogs bring tenderness into a boy's life and can bring the entire family together. Also, consider taking your 17-year-old on a trip. A getaway to a city he has never seen before is a meaningful and memorable gift. At the age of 17 boys often believe they know everything. A trip to a new place is a refreshing and enlightening perspective shift. It can change a young man's life. Unexpected additions to a 17-year-old's world like animals and travel help young men discover different sides of themselves and find strengths they never knew were there.

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