SUV Camper Conversions

Updated July 20, 2017

With recreational vehicles such as sport utility vehicles becoming a more incorporated part of the outdoor experience, from handling more remote treks to advertising their rear space as a rudimentary sleep compartment, more vehicle owners are looking at ways to enhance the camping experience beyond the typical campground environment. One way of doing so is by investing in a camper conversion, which converts a vehicle's space into a more accommodating living or sleeping area. For SUV owners, they now have several options available.


The ECAMPER is a conversion manufactured specifically for the Honda Element, built by the American Honda Motor Co., Inc. A pop-up style camper, it creates a sleeping environment that can accommodate two people, adding only a minimal amount of height to the SUV. Offered by Ursa Minor Vehicles, it is manufactured from carbon-fibre material and includes conveniences such as a mattress, LED lighting and ventilation that allows for a panoramic view of the outdoors. Ideal for camping and travelling, the camper conversion can be installed through a variety of customisable assembly packages.

Overlanders SUV Camper Conversions

Overlanders is a conversion manufacturing company based in Maharashtra, India, that offers a variety of camper conversions, including for SUVs. In particular, it specialises in converting recreational vehicles, including SUVs, into campers, with accommodations that can easily sleep up to four grown adults. All aspects of the camper conversion are addressed, including electrical, with added features such as an environmentally friendly toilet or air conditioning. A variety of conversion packages are offered based on the vehicle, with SUVs converted to fit between two and four people, with add-ons such as a refrigerator, cooking and a chemical toilet.

Tents on SUVs

One simple way of adding to the camping experience is by erecting a tent over your SUV, a service offered by Tents on Trucks, an American-based company. It offers a range of tent products for recreational vehicles, including a screened-room tent addition, tents built for sports-edition SUVs and "safari"-style tents that can handle extreme weather. The company also offers camper-top tents for the beds of trucks, as well as window screens manufactured exclusively for SUVs. The tent conversion kits are manufactured for most sports utility vehicles.

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