Recycled Fabric Suppliers

Updated March 23, 2017

Recycled fabric ranges from textiles made from recycled plastics to vintage fabrics repurposed for resale. Choose recycled products to reduce your consumption of natural resources as well as to save money. Many suppliers maintain online stores where consumers can browse and buy products for shipment directly to their home or office.


Choosing vintage fabrics is a simple way to go green and support a recycled product. Parna has an online shop where consumers can purchase antique and vintage textiles that have been repurposed into new items such as curtains, blinds, sheets, pillow covers and cushions. Parna emphasises folk craft and textile heritage and offers elaborately decorated linens. Dying and hand embroidery is also available as an additional service.


United Kingdom



Plastic bottles find a new life thanks to the efforts of Wellman, Inc., a U.S. company that has created Eco-fi a polyester fibre made from refined and purified discarded plastic bottles. Eco-fi can be used alone or blended with other more traditional fabrics such as wool, cotton and tencel. Eco-fi works well for outer wear. Eco-fi is not distributed directly online but can be purchased wholesale from the processing mills that create the product including fleece fabric from Malden Mill Industries in Massachusetts. Wovens can be found at Carolina Mills, Inc., in North Carolina.

Malden Mills Industries Inc.

46 Stafford Street Lawrence, MA 01842


Carolina Mills Inc., Plant No.3

28 N. Caldwell Avenue, Newton, NC 28658



Eco2Cotton supplies yarns and fabrics made from the recycled pre-consumer cotton knit cuttings, which are scraps discarded during apparel construction. Eco2Cotton reprocesses these scraps into a recycled blend of fibre that is re-spun into yarn or mixed with other fibres. Yarns are available in a variety of solid colours as well as heathers and multicolour mixes. Eco2Cotton can be used for any typical cotton application including textiles, upholstery, clothing and pillow fill.

Jimtex Yarns Sales

Martex Fiber Southern Corp.

The Constitution Bldg.

325 Chestnut St. Suite 1320

Philadelphia, PA 19106


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