Rude Gifts for Women

Written by casandra maier
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Rude Gifts for Women
There are certain gifts that you should never give to women. (woman's gift 13 image by Paul Moore from

The act of giving should never be one that you regret. When giving gifts to your wife, girlfriend, female family members or female friends, there are certain gifts that may send the wrong message, coming across as insensitive or downright rude. Gifts for women should always show respect and thoughtfulness, with the appearance that some kind of time and effort was put into the decision.

Kitchen Appliances

A kitchen appliance can be misinterpreted. Never give a woman a toaster, blender, food processor or coffee maker unless she has specifically expressed her desire for these. Larger appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines or dryers also send the wrong message. Giving an appliance as a gift, for any occasion, can imply expectations and unwittingly make a statement about the woman's role in the home. From a man, it gives the impression that she needs improvement in cooking for him.

Rude Gifts for Women
It's best to keep gift ideas for women out of the kitchen. (clean kitchen image by easaab from

Cleaning Supplies

Any gift relating to cleaning or cleaning supplies is always rude to give to a woman. Vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops or any other cleaning supply items should never be on your gift giving list. Nobody enjoys cleaning, it's just an adult responsibility that must be endured. Such a gift might unintentionally imply that her living area is dirty and needs improvement.

Rude Gifts for Women
Cleaning supplies as gifts for women send the wrong message. (Woman cleaning the house. image by maron from

Weight Loss Aids

Weight loss is a personal venture. Subscriptions or memberships should never be given as gifts to a woman. It is especially rude to give weight loss aids or related items to an unsuspecting female, since the implication would be that she is overweight.

Rude Gifts for Women
Gifts of weight loss subscriptions, memberships or aids can backfire. (loss weight image by gajatz from


Cute, furry and cuddly, a pet might seem like the perfect gift to give a woman. While many women love animals, giving a pet as a gift is a rude gesture. This potentially good idea, can rapidly backfire, since pets are a big responsibility involving extra work. Giving a pet to a woman can imply the sexist assumption that all women are maternal and welcome the idea of taking care of something.

Rude Gifts for Women
Even the cutest pets will require extra work for the woman. (puppies image by Bobi from


Giving lingerie as a gift is very personal. Some women may find it offensive. In many cases, lingerie is more for the eye of the beholder, and not necessarily the wearer. If the lingerie is intended for a female recipient other than your significant other, then it is especially rude and inappropriate.

Rude Gifts for Women
Lingerie may not be well-received and may be inappropriate. (lingerie image by Inger Anne Hulbækdal from

Not for Her

Giving a woman a gift that is going to benefit the giver more than the receiver, is rude and thoughtless. Sports tickets, power tools and barbecue grills are fine if you know she is a sports, home improvement or grilling enthusiast. Otherwise, these gifts can come across as selfish, especially if given by a spouse or boyfriend. Gifts should always benefit the receiver.

Rude Gifts for Women
Many women will not appreciate power tools or tickets to sporting events. (power tool woman image by Jarek Miarka from

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