Home remedies for cleaning dentures

Updated February 21, 2017

Millions of Americans wear dentures and they spend millions yearly on denture care products. Denture care products can be expensive and none of them are more effective than some common household remedies. You can take the bite out of your denture care budget with inexpensive materials you probably already have.

Partial Dentures

In terms of cleaning, there are two types of dentures: partial and full. The big difference is that partial dentures have metal parts and vinegar and bleach -- common cleaning chemicals -- cannot be used on metal. Brush partial dentures with baking soda and a soft bristle brush, rinsed thoroughly and soak them in clean water. Dentures (or anything else in the mouth) will develop pellicle, a covering of proteins and lipids, in 30 minutes. If not cleaned regularly it becomes plaque. Both coatings attract bacteria which can lead to periodontal infections. Brushing will keep the surfaces of your dentures clean and soaking will get rid of both bacteria and stains.

Complete Dentures

Before soaking overnight, brush complete dentures with a soft bristle brush to break up the pellicle and dislodge debris. Baking soda makes an excellent tooth brushing powder, but you can make an artificial tooth paste by mixing salt, baking soda and glycerine. Do not use coarse salt as this will damage the dentures. You can also use antibacterial hand soap on dentures. Rinse the dentures thoroughly and soak them overnight in a mixture of half vinegar and half water. If you do not keep the dentures clean it can lead to infected gums witch can damage the dentures. A tasty Mexican solution for gum irritation is to cut a fig in half and place one half between the cheek and gum, with the cut side toward the gum. If the infection is more general, rinsing with a solution made with sage leaves boiled in water can clear up the infection.

Stained Dentures

If you need to clean off stains, soak the dentures in a mixture of one part bleach and 10 parts water. They should stay in the bleach solution only 30 minutes. Longer exposure to a bleach solution (or using a stronger bleach solution) will lighten the pink part of the dentures. Keeping your dentures clean will protect your gums from damage, but dentures can also irritate gums which makes the dentures hard to use and to keep clean. Fortunately, there are also home remedies for irritated gums. One of the oldest home remedies for irritated gums is to mix powdered cloves with a little olive oil and rub it on your gums. Another effective cure is to rub aloe vera gel on the gums. Always rinse your mouth with warm salt water before putting dentures in or after removing dentures.

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