Laser Wheel Alignment Tools

Updated February 21, 2017

If your wheels are not properly aligned, your tires will wear out faster, costing you money. Having your wheels properly aligned also provides a better, smoother ride. Wheel alignment actually refers to properly aligning the suspension system, including the toe, caster, ride height and camber. Laser wheel alignment tools use a laser to help you see whether the suspension is properly aligned. These lasers make the job easier and more accurate.

Toe In Gauge

The Advanced Racing Technologies, Inc. (ART) Wheel Alignment Toe In Gauge has a resolution of 1/6 degrees, and it takes measurements in two minutes or less. The laser shoots beneath your vehicle's body panels, eliminating the need to remove this system. It is compatible with wheels 5 inches to 28 inches, and you do not need a level to use it. The Wheel Alignment Toe In Gauge is portable, running on battery power. Buy an optional carrying case to keep all of your tools together. As of 2010, the laser wheel alignment tool costs £513.4, and the carrying case costs £123.4.


The EZLINE laser toolkit from EZ Red is for aligning different systems on your vehicle, including wheels and axles. Use this tool on trailers, RVs and heavy-duty trucks. It is compatible with any type of vehicle that uses a toe setting. The system comes with magnets, which you attach directly to your system. Shoot the laser at these magnets. If the laser goes through the centre of the magnet, the system is properly aligned. If not, use the laser to help you properly align the system. The kit includes a 32-foot measuring tape, four magnetic self-centring lasers, a carrying case and two magnetic fifth-wheel pin adaptors. As of 2010, this product costs approximately £357 to £390.


The Tru-Line TL-12 Car and Light Truck wheel alignment system helps you align your wheels even when you are not on an even surface. This helps align systems when you are on the road or in the field. This system runs on D batteries, and it comes with a two-year warranty. The kit comes with rear combination gauges, laser guns, camber/caster gauge, four wheel clamps, calibration bar, brake pedal depressor and a steering wheel holder. The Tru-Line TL-12 Car and Light Truck system is compatible with wheels up to 19.5 inches. As of 2010, this product costs between £3,055 and £3,510. This product is for industry professionals and repair shops.

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