Old Mobile Home Decorating Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Older mobile homes provide pleasant vacation, hunting or living space for many people living in both urban or country settings. Affordable to rent or own, the space may be functional, but the style may be stuck in the 1970s. Decorating and updating your mobile home can be done with little more than paint and some new textiles so don't be afraid to make your mobile home the comfortable and inviting space you always wanted.


Older mobiles usually have a panelled wall covering and low ceilings that make them look dingy and out of date. For a larger mobile home living space, paint the walls a deep warm colour such as cranberry, a deep blue or a rich brown tone. Smaller rooms can handle brighter colours like pale yellow. Paint the panelled walls along with the traditional moulding pieces between panels to create a seamless look. Paint the ceiling a clean white to cover any stains and replace panels that are buckled or damaged. Paint any wood framing on the ceiling white as well to make the usual dated architecture fade away.


Typically older mobile homes have thin and unattractive carpeting that holds and shows the dirt and stains from years of usage. Replacing the carpeting, adding wood floors or laying larger area rugs over the existing rug can dramatically update the mobile home's living room or bedroom space. To brighten a bedroom use a large yellow shag area rug and in a living space go more neutral with faux wood flooring or a lower pile carpet to coordinate with your new wall colour.


A few cans of paint can update old cabinetry in your mobile home kitchen. Paint your cabinets with a semigloss paint to give your kitchen a facelift on a budget. To select your colour palette, choose a great piece of artwork or accessory you want to use in your kitchen space, then select coordinating colours for your new painted cabinetry. Warm up the space by hanging pleated shades over your kitchen windows and consider tiles or peel and stick tiles to dress up outdated countertops. Finally, add some under-cabinet lighting to keep the space looking warm and inviting.


Take the lead from your mobile home's surroundings when selecting furniture for your living and bedroom spaces. For a mobile in a country setting choose neutral tones in plush overstuffed sofas and love seats and accent with sage green or red throws and pillows. Use cherry woods for coffee and side tables to accessorise.

For an urban space, keep the lines clean and neat. Select comfortable but sleek living room furniture but add the softness you desire in the bedroom linens and window coverings.


The bathroom space in an older mobile home should not be forgotten when decorating and updating your space. Start by painting the walls or using a textured peel and stick paper to change the look of the room in a snap. Create a custom frame around the mounted mirrors by purchasing frame pieces that feature a heavy carving to give your room a rich look. Paint with a gold or metallic paint and attach to the mirror with Velcro strips. Pamper yourself with some luxurious towels to match the area rug in the room and store in neat wicker baskets under the sink. Add a few candles on the vanity to complete the new spa-like space.

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