DIY Wood Planters

Updated February 21, 2017

Dress up a patio, porch or deck with custom wood planters. Plastic planters can fade and break down in the harsh sun. Terracotta planters can chip or crack. A wood planter is more durable and can withstand the elements. Choose the type of wood that suits your needs and budget and build your own wood planter box. They are easy to construct and can be painted, stained or simply sealed to fit your individual taste.

Cut four 8-foot long pieces of 2 by 4-inch lumber into the following sizes with a handsaw: 14 pieces that are 14 ½ inches long, five pieces that are 10 ½ inches long and four pieces that are 17 ½ inches long. Cut a 45-degree angle on the ends of the 17 ½ inch long 2 by 4-inch pieces.

Lay three 14 ½ inch long pieces side by side. Attach the pieces by using a hammer to drive 3-inch galvanised nails into the lumber at an angle. Use one nail on the top and bottom of the two pieces of wood on the outside to firmly secure the three pieces together. This is a side wall. Repeat to build a second side wall.

Secure four 14 ½ inch long pieces of lumber together with 3-inch galvanised nails. Drive a nail into the top and bottom of one piece of lumber into a second piece of lumber at an angle to attach the first two pieces of lumber. Attach the third and fourth piece in a similar manner. This is the front wall. Repeat to build the back wall.

Assemble the sides of the planter. Place one of the side walls at a 90-degree angle flush with the edge of the front wall. Drive 3-inch galvanised nails into the top, centre and bottom of the side wall to secure it to the front wall. Attach the second side wall and the back wall in the same manner.

Place two 10 ½ inch long pieces of lumber on a flat surface on their sides to serve as the base of the planter. Secure three pieces of 10 ½ inch lumber to the tops of the base by driving a 3-inch galvanised nail into each end of the three boards. This will be the floor of the planter.

Place the top of the walls of the planter on a flat surface. Slide the floor inside the bottom of the walls and secure each side of the floor to the sides of the planter with six 3-inch galvanised nails.

Turn the planter upright. Place the inner edge of the four 17 ½ inch long boards with 45-degree angles flush with the inner edge of the tops of the walls. Secure with galvanised nails.

Paint or stain the planter with a paint brush, if desired. Apply a water sealant to the entire planter.

Things You'll Need

  • 2x4x8 lumber, 4 pieces
  • Handsaw
  • 70 nails, 3-inch galvanised
  • Hammer
  • Paint or stain (optional)
  • Paint brush
  • Water sealant
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