Jotul Series 8 Specs

Updated April 17, 2017

Jotul is a Norwegian company that manufactures stoves and fireplaces. The Jotul Series 8 is a wood stove that was tested and approved in Middleton, Wisconsin, by Inchcape Testing Services. Jotul recommends that users burn dry wood in the Series 8 wood stove, but damp wood will do as well.

Dimensions and Safety

The Jotul Series 8 wood stove is 30.5 inches tall and 26.5 inches in width. The base of the stove is 25 inches wide, while the rear of the stove is 29 inches tall. If the stove is near a combustible wall, the rear clearance is 19.5 inches from the flue outlet or 28 inches from the hob.

Energy and Emissions

The Series 8 wood stove meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission limits for wood heaters sold after July 1, 1990. Tests show that the Series 8 heater has heat ranges from 12,600 to 33,000 BTUs per hour. Jotul recommends one to two inches of ash for an efficient and warm fire. The Norwegian company also claims that a "properly operating catalyst" in the stove can increase heat output by 50 per cent and reduce creosote formation and emissions by 90 per cent.


Series 8 wood stoves can connect to masonry chimneys or residential type metal chimneys. A masonry chimney must have four inches of wall thickness if made of brick. If the chimney is made of mountain or rubble stone, the thickness must at least be 12 inches. There must be a half inch of air space between the flue liner and chimney wall. A chimney must be three feet higher than the highest point where it goes through a roof. Chimneys that are shorter than 14 feet "may not provide adequate draft," according to Jotul.

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