Ford ranger electrical problems

Updated February 21, 2017

The Ford Ranger truck is noted as having electrical problems ever since its debut in 1983. Through the years of manufacture, many of those early Ranger models provided electrical concerns for the consumer. The 1999 Ford Ranger is reported as having the most problems, with subsequent years beyond 2001 seeing fewer problems.

1988 Ford Ranger Electrical Problems

A dangerous problem reported in the 1988 Ford Ranger was the cruise control surging while the engine stalled. Another electrical problem reported that same year was the malfunction of the temperature gauge. That entailed the temperature gauge showing the overheating of the vehicle, when in actuality it was not.

1999 Ford Ranger Most Common Electrical Problems

According to, the 1999 Ford Ranger had the most complaints for electrical problems. The website states that the activation of windshield wipers without being engaged by the driver was the most common electrical problem. The second most noted problem that year was the dome light coming on, and staying on while driving.

Recent Ford Ranger Electrical Problems

The most recent reported electrical problems with the Ford Ranger, according to, centre on the truck's 2007 model computer. One driver reported computer problems, with failure of the instrument cluster when the vehicle reached a speed of about 30 miles per hour. The "Check Engine Light" also came on, as the engine continued to run. Another driver reported that the "Check Engine Light" came on while the speedometer went to zero, and the truck was travelling at a speed of 55 miles per hour. The entire time, the odometer showed dashes. The driver stated that the truck continued to run while all of these concerns took place. But, if the truck was turned off during the malfunction occurrence, it would not crank again until everything else came back on.

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