What Kind of Soil Do Grape Vines Like?

Written by kristine tucker | 13/05/2017
What Kind of Soil Do Grape Vines Like?
Soil for grape vines (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Grape vines are an attractive addition to a landscape, and the tasty fruit they produce is an added benefit for those who plant them. Growing a grape vine is not a difficult task as long as the climate is moderate and the soil is suited to the plant's needs. Grape vines require a well-drained soil that is full of nutrients.

Fertile Soil

In order to properly grow grape vines, it is important to plant the vines in well-fertilised soil. Before planting the vines, prepare the soil with organic materials. According to The University of New Hampshire, the soil for grape vines can be fertilised with aged manure, peat moss, properly prepared compost or a green manure-like crop. Since grape vines have deep and expansive root systems, it is important to maintain a fertilised soil.

Well-Drained Soil

Another type of soil that grape vines like is one that is well-drained. Soggy, overly-saturated wet soil will not satisfy the needs of a grape vine. Well-drained soils allow grape vines to grow without causing the vines to wilt or bend from too much moisture. Excessively damp soil could also cause the vine to be subject to unwanted mould.

Sandy Soil

Grape vines thrive in shallow sandy soil. According to Texas A&M, young grape vines should be planted on well-drained sandy loam soil in February or early March to ensure proper growth. In climates that are generally cooler than those found in Texas, the grape vine should be planted later in the spring after any risk of frost has passed. In general, outdoor grapes vines should not be planted in climate zones where a hard frost is possible.

Adequate pH Levels

Grape vines should be planted in soils that have a proper pH balance. According to The University of New Hampshire, grape vines grow best in soil that has a pH balance ranging from a 5.3 to 6.0. Too much acidity and the grape vine will wither and die. The addition of sandy soil and organic fertiliser will help keep clay soil at the proper pH level for grape vine growth.

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