Gifts for a 15 Year Old Teenage Girl

Updated November 21, 2016

Shopping for a 15-year-old girl can be a difficult chore; however, a few gifts are sure to be a big hit and bring a smile to her face. From make-up to fancy shoes, several gifts will make the teen girl on your gift list happy. If you're not exactly sure what the teen will want, play it safe and give her cash.

Photo Fun

Many teen girls love scrapbooking, so purchase the teen girl on your gift list a scrapbooking kit. Get a large kit that has paper, scissors, a binder and several scrapbooking knick-knacks. If budget allows, buy her a digital camera to go with the scrapbooking supplies. Teens love taking pictures of themselves and with friends, so a camera is a perfect gift.

Gift Cards

Gift cards work like cash and give teens the choice of purchasing their own gift. Get her a gift card redeemable at the local mall. Many malls sell gift cards that can be used in any store in the mall. This gives the teen a variety of stores to shop at with the card. Other gift tokens teen girls might enjoy include ones for a day at the spa, a pedicure or getting her nails done.


Get the teen girl on your gift list an MP3 player. These music players will hold many songs and they are compact, so the teen can take them anywhere.

If budget allows, get her a miniature laptop as a gift. She can enjoy games and social networking on the go. Miniature computers are less expensive than full-size computers and most offer the same programs.

Cell Phone

Most teens think having a cell phone is a necessary part of their social life. If she doesn't already own a phone, buy her one. Many cell phone companies will allow you to add an additional line for a minimum monthly fee. Check what features she likes, such a slide phone, touch screen or a certain camera, to get the cell phone she really wants.

Make-up and Perfume

Many teen girls are into wearing make-up and smelling good. Purchase a large make-up kit from a retail store. These kits have several different colours of make-up and allow the teen girl to try new looks. Ask around about the latest teen perfume and purchase her a bottle. Many perfumes come with a free handbag when you purchase a certain size bottle.

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