Clothes That Hide Belly Fat

Many women carry excess weight around their stomach area. Wearing tight garments draws attention to belly fat, making the situation worse. Wearing oversized clothing creates a slovenly, unfinished effect. When challenged with belly fat, understand what clothing styles look best on you. Do so, and you will appear pounds lighter and create a beautiful shapely silhouette.

Empire Styles

Empire-styled tops and dresses work wonders in concealing belly fat. The secret lies in the fit. Designed to gather just under the bust and float over the rest of the body, empire styles emphasise the rib cage, removing attention from the tummy. Select an empire top or dress that grazes the torso. Avoid items that fit too snugly or are too flouncy.

Wrap Styles

Wrap styles, particularly the wrap dress, hide a multitude of body imperfections. Created in 1972 by notable designer Diane von Furstenberg, the wrap dress wears much like a robe. True wrap dresses have no buttons or zippers and can be easily slipped on or off. The ample material and elasticity of the fabric creates the illusion of a defined waist, but conceals an ample tummy. Wrap tops provide the same slimming effect.


Mid-rise trousers or jeans sit flatly on the stomach, eliminating the unsightly muffin top. Opt for slacks with side zippers and buttons for less bulk. Trousers that flare out at the bottom masterfully balance out an ample belly. Make certain to always wear shirts and blouses untucked.


Creating an eye-appealing look with empire and wrap-styled dresses and tops necessitates wearing the right undergarments. A properly fitted bra lifts and supports the breasts. Half-cup and push-up bras create cleavage removing the focus from a problem stomach area.

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