Ideas to hang a shelf from a ceiling

Updated February 21, 2017

The ceiling provides an opportunity to hang shelving in rooms where storage space is at a premium. Storage rooms and pantries are ideal places to add this extra shelving, but you can also use a shelf to decorate other rooms in your home. Ceiling shelving is an innovative way to remove the clutter from your home by using some of the vertical space in your rooms.

Garage Shelving

The garage is often a place to store equipment, decorations and other supplies that you do not use very often. When the space in the garage is storage for vehicles or an extra living space for your home, finding ways to store your belongings in a way that removes them from the floor is important. Ceiling shelving attaches to your ceiling with metal brackets. You can then attach wire shelving to the brackets to provide a convenient shelf for your items, which allows you to take advantage of space in the garage that was unusable previously.

Family Room

You can use the same concept that you use to install ceiling shelving in your garage in your family room or playroom. You can replace the wire shelving with an attractive shelf that holds extra items above the floor. You may even place plants or other decorative items on the shelving to add to the decor of the room. Family rooms located in basements with low ceilings may not be the best choice for ceiling shelving. The shelving unit should not be so low in the room that it causes the room to feel smaller and cramped. Use ceiling shelving for bookshelves, and arrange your volumes decoratively around the edges of the room.

Home Office

The home office is another area of your home that might require additional storage space. Installing ceiling shelving in the room gives you a place to store supplies such as paper, folders and other equipment and supplies that you need to run your home office. Install the shelving on the ceiling close to the walls to avoid making the room feel small in the centre area of the living space. You can install the shelving around the perimeter of the room to give you plenty of extra space for your home office supplies.


The kitchen is one room in the house that always requires additional storage. Shelving installed on the ceiling, if in areas of the kitchen that do not have cabinets installed, gives you additional space for pots, pans and supplies that are rarely used. Use the shelving as an opportunity to add a decorative touch to your kitchen as well. For example, in a Tuscan style kitchen you can drape grape vines across the shelving to add to the Mediterranean flavour of your room.

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