Trees in Mini Ecosystems

Updated February 21, 2017

Mini ecosystems, such as those grown in terrariums, can house trees in miniature form. Trees kept at a miniature form are referred to as bonsai trees, and many species of bonsai trees can be used to create a centrepiece for a miniature ecosystem. Bonsai trees require regular attention and care.

Beginner Trees

Some bonsai trees are perfect for a first-time bonsai grower because they require less maintenance and grow well indoors. Growing them in a miniature ecosystem adds a focal point. Some species of bonsai trees that grow well indoors include the ficus, baby jade and Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree types. Hawaiian umbrella bonsai trees have a distinctive umbrella shape that makes them an interesting visual centrepiece for a miniature ecosystem.

Tropical Species

Add tropical species of bonsai trees to a terrarium that grows other tropical plants. Keeping the humidity at a level that mimics the tropical environment ensures that all plants will grow to their full potential without exceeding the space limits of the terrarium. Tropical bonsai trees include bougainvillea, gardenias, money trees and sago palms. All of these tropical species can be grown in miniature ecosystems or terrariums.

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous or temperate bonsai trees grow and shed their leaves in tune with the seasons. Use these types of bonsai trees to create a miniature ecosystem that mimics the local flora or a woodland setting. Deciduous bonsai trees include elms, maple trees and ginkgo trees. Add these types of bonsai trees to mini ecosystems to create the atmosphere of a temperate forest. Some types of pine trees can also be grown in bonsai form.

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