Fun Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend

Updated November 21, 2016

Chatting with your girlfriend about fun topics is a great way to get to know her likes and dislikes. Sometimes it is the simplest conversations that turn out to be the most revealing. Small talk can lead to more meaningful conversations that can positively affect your relationship and help take it to the next level. There are several fun things that you can talk about with your girlfriend. You don't even have to see your girlfriend face-to-face to have a fun conversation. You can simply call her on the phone and spend some leisurely time talking.


That funny joke you heard while standing at the office water cooler makes the perfect conversation starter to create a fun atmosphere the next time you talk with your girlfriend. However, you must take into consideration the nature of the joke. If it includes obscenity or is derogatory to a specific class of people, it may offend your girlfriend instead of engaging her in conversation. You should choose only jokes that are clean and wholesome, to ensure a positive reaction.


A funny anecdote that you heard or read about recently is something fun that you can share with your girlfriend. A lighthearted story can help both you and your girlfriend unwind after a long day. It can also lead to a string of similar anecdotes that you and your girlfriend trade back and forth. A single funny anecdote can lead to hours of humorous conversation. If you have not heard any funny stories lately, the Internet is an excellent resource for uncovering the funniest and weirdest stories from around the world. Simply utilise the power of a search engine to uncover some hilarious anecdotes.

Childhood Memories

Sharing carefree memories from your childhood is both enjoyable and can help your girlfriend get to know your inner child. To keep the conversation cheerful, avoid talking about painful memories from your childhood, which will undoubtedly set the tone for the rest of the conversation. Instead tickle her funny bone with tales of all your childhood adventures and exploits. Reliving the happiest moments from your past will help you form a common bond with your girlfriend. The best part is that once you have shared some of your childhood stories, she will be more than ready to share hers.

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