Creams containing retinoids

Updated March 23, 2017

Retinoid is a chemical substance derived from vitamin A that may improve your complexion. Retinoid creams may help prevent skin ageing, diminish dark spots and unclog skin pores. Retinoids come in different forms, such as retinol, retinaldehyde, adapalene, tretinoin and tazarotene. You can find creams with retinoid either over-the-counter or by prescription.

Over-the-counter creams vs. prescription creams

Creams containing retinol and retinaldehyde are available over-the-counter but are generally weaker than prescription retinoid creams. When you're looking for over-the-counter creams containing retinoid, make sure to choose creams that contain at least 0.1 per cent retinol. If over-the-counter retinoid does not improve your skin after three months, move on to prescription-strength retinoid. Your dermatologist may prescribe adapalene or tretinoin creams for you.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Serum

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Serum contains retinol and can be purchased over-the-counter. As the name suggests, this cream is an intensive treatment for deep-set wrinkles in your skin. The serum also contains different forms of antioxidants and multivitamins. The cream is both fragrance- and dye-free and is dermatologist-tested. The cream quickly absorbs into your skin and softens it. This cream is affordable and available in shops and online.

Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate

Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate contains the form of retinoid called retinol. You can purchase this cream over-the-counter. The cream contains vitamin C and potent antioxidants, and it has a soft, silky texture. If you apply it under your moisturising cream or your foundation, this cream helps make your face look silky smooth.

Eau Thermale Avene Retrinal

The downside of creams containing retinoids is that they may cause redness, irritation and flakiness in the skin. Eau Thermale Avene has combined retinaldehyde and vitamin E to make a special cream called Avene Retrinal, which is available over-the-counter. According to the Avene website, the cream is clinically proven to prevent and reduce visible signs of ageing without irritating the skin. The cream comes in two different concentrations and is suitable for dry skin.

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