Types of 220V Plugs

Updated February 21, 2017

Different countries employ different electrical systems and their electrical sockets and plugs are designed to operate on dissimilar voltages. While the U.S. and Japan use 110-127V systems, Europe and other areas operate on 220-240V electrical systems. 220V plugs have a 50 Hz frequency. Different 220V plugs have varied amperage ratings.

C 220V

The technical name for the C 220V is CEE 7/16 and its popular name is Europlug. Rated at 2.5Amp, the unpolarized plug is unearthed. It has two rounded 4mm-diameter pins and 19mm centres. It powers Class 2 appliances. It is used in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, South America and the former Soviet Union.

D 220V

Technically called BS546, the Type D 220V plug is the "old British plug." It has three round prongs in a triangular arrangement. The 220V 5Amp earthed plug has a 2Amp variant and has limited use in former British colonies.

E 220V

The 16Amp Type E 220V plug or CEE 7/5 has two rounded pins and a 19mm centre. It also has a hole to accommodate the socket's male grounding pin. The polarised plug is the standard in France, Poland and Belgium. You will also find it in Denmark.

F 220V

The industrial name of the F 220V plug is CEE 7/4. This Class-I grounded 16Amp "Schuko" mains plug has two rounded 4.8mm pins separated by 19mm and two earth-clips sited on its sides for grounding purposes. Its unpolarised-plug insertion has no directional restriction. It is a standard plug in Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

G 220V

Technically called BS1363, the British Type G 220V plug has three rectangle shaped blades and a fuse to protect against high-volt currents. They are 13Amp earthed plugs and their sockets have safety switches. They are deployed in Bangladesh, Belize, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Zimbabwe.

H 220V

The H 220V plug is industrially referred to as SI 132. This is a unique Israel standard. This 16Amp rated unearthed plug has three rounded pins which are each 4mm in diameter.

I 220V

The technical term for the I 220V plug is AS 3112, and this three-pin plug can generally operate applications of 10Amp. Two of its pins are flat obliquely placed blades and the third is a grounding blade. This 220V plug has reversed neutral and live wires and it is used in Argentina and Uruguay.

J 220V

The J 220V is technically called SEV 1011; this unique Switzerland standard is rated at 10 Amperes. It is a three-prong plug with an earth pin off to one side.

K 220V

This two-pin K 220V plug is scientifically termed Afsnit 107-2-D. This 10Amp "Danish plug" is Denmark's standard plug. It is also used in Bangladesh, Greenland, the Maldives and Madagascar.

L 220V

The L 220V plug is the standard Italian plug, technically named CEI 23-16/VII; there are 10Amp and 16Amp versions. It is grounded, unpolarized and possesses two round pins and a third round grounding pin all set in a straight line. Besides Italy, it is used in North Africa, Libya, Chile, the Maldives, Cuba, Syria and Ethiopia.

M 220V

The technical term for the M 220v is BS546. This 15Amp plug has three circular pins. It is the standard plug in South Africa, India, Nepal and regions influenced by the British.

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