Gift Ideas For 10-Year-Old Girls

Updated October 05, 2017

When buying a present for a 10-year-old girl, the gift giver should always consider the child's personality. Many young girls enjoy particularly feminine gifts, including items featuring bright pink colours or decked out with sparkly designs, such as sequins, rhinestones or glitter. Other girls however may lean more towards tomboyish qualities, preferring less frilly designs and more functional fare.


To celebrate a 10-year-old's birthday, gift givers may consider jewellery featuring the child's birthstones, such as a gem-encrusted locket or a bracelet with a dangling charm. If the child has pierced ears, you can also give small studded birthstone earrings as a present however you may wish to seek approval from their parents first. Young girls can make their own jewellery as well with home kits, many of which typically include a variety of beads and stones, as well as wire for stringing together necklaces or bracelets. Often times the beads in the kit may feature letters of the alphabet so kids can spell out their name or a special message on their piece of jewellery.

Custom-Designed Sneakers

Young girls with an interest in clothing may appreciate gifts geared towards fashion. Some major shoe lines, such as Converse, allow consumers the opportunity to design their own sneakers online, including various patterns and colours. The gift giver can either choose the child's favourite colours or allow the kid to design the shoe on their own. Little girls may also appreciate graffiti sneakers, which come equipped with coloured pens and dry-erase panels on the sides of the shoe so that children can constantly alter the design depending on their mood or outfit.

Sleepover Gear

Girls may begin having or attending sleepovers around the age of 10. As a result, some girls may appreciate sleeping bags as a present, particularly those featuring popular actors, television shows or musical acts amongst 10-year-old girls. The gift giver may also find tents with similar designs or those dressed in bold colours, such as pink or purple, which girls can then use either indoors or outdoors for a slumber party. Novelty gifts, such as plush pillows equipped with MP3 speakers, can help children relax in strange surroundings, an important feature for some kids sleeping away from home for first time.

Musical Instruments

Children may begin developing an interest in music around the age of 10. As a result, a child may appreciate a musical instrument as a gift. However, you may wish to speak to the parents before making such a purchase, particularly for something as loud and cumbersome as a drum kit. Some musical instruments may gear themselves towards the styling of young girls, such as guitars outfitted with unusual designs or those available in pastel colours. As an added bonus, the gift giver may even decide to pay for the first few music lessons.

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