Tips on Flirting With a Younger Guy

Updated April 17, 2017

Just like men enjoy dating younger women, women too like to date younger men. Younger men bring out the fun and jubilant side of older women, which sometimes makes those women become smote with those men. But flirting with younger men requires a few skills and tips for older women to unlock their sensuality and allure those desirable men.

Dress Sexy

To catch the attention of a younger man, taking care of the appearance is vital for a woman. Not only will you have to stay in good shape by exercise, but you will have to wear killer dresses that will make you attractive and appealing to these men. Elder women have poise when positioning their body, which young women lack. They can give a maximum impact by choosing the proper fashion items.

Make the Right Moves

For a woman to attract a young man, there are certain gestures which make a lasting impact. Firstly, maintain eye contact. Giving the guy playful and lusty hints with the eyes is the most effective tool for flirting. Secondly, flip your hair and twirl it around your finger, or tuck the hair behind your ears. This catches the guys' attention. Thirdly, maintain a soft smile and giggle when needed. A smile can be sweet, yet seductive for men, and laughs can break awkward silences. Fourth, use the touch of your hand by tapping him lightly when laughing. This move will send tingles up his spine!

Remain Confident and Humorous

A young guy is attracted to the confidence that a woman has about herself. So stop second-guessing your moves of be conscious around the younger man to appeal to him more. Mix your inner confidence with some humour to draw the man toward you.

Don't Get Boring

Do not bore him with your past stories about your ex, job issues or your children. Tell him stories which show your funny side, or your smartness. But make sure you give him a chance to talk! Listen to him and show that you are interested in whatever he has to share with you.

Avoid Nagging and Being His Mother

Younger men fear dating older women because they do not want to be mothered by them. They already have one mom, which is a handful for them! Avoid nagging the young man and show him that you feel secure with him. Show him that you deserve him at all costs.

Never Make Him Feel Less Smart

Always admire who he is by showing him that he is interesting and stimulating company. You should not make him feel less intelligent or inferior to you. Instead, make him realise that he is special and important to you.

Learn From the Past

A younger man will be attracted to an older woman mainly due to her past experiences in relationships, which have made her mature and stronger. Your past and bad relationships will come in handy as they show younger men that you are less insecure. Show him that you trust him.

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