Cotton Yarns That Are Comparable to Tahki Cotton Classic

Written by sarah emerald | 13/05/2017
Cotton Yarns That Are Comparable to Tahki Cotton Classic
Finding comparable yarn is easy if you match the weight and fibres. (Monkey Business Images Ltd/Valueline/Getty Images)

Tahki Cotton Classic is a Double Knit (DK) weight yarn made from 100% cotton. It is a plied yarn, meaning it is made up of many skinny strands twisted together. Plied yarns like Tahki Cotton Classic provide maximum stitch definition and are soft and comfortable to wear, making them ideal for garments. Compatible yarns are those with the same weight and fibre, though colour and price may vary.

Elann Sonata

Sonata, produced by the Elann yarn company, is a 100% cotton yarn that has a plied construction, just like Tahki Classic Cotton. These two yarns are comparable in both fibre, weight and construction, making this a very close match. Though Sonata comes in fewer colours than Cotton Classic, it costs approximately one third of the price, making it a good value option if you looking for a substitute for the Tahki yarn.

Cotton DK

Cotton DK by Debbie Bliss is a double knit weight plied yarn made from 100% cotton. It is equivalent in price and value to the Tahki Cotton Classic, and will make a good substitute for any patterns calling for the Tahki yarn. The colour range of Cotton DK is slightly smaller and more subdued than the Tahki colour line, but they should perform equally when used to create a knitted or crocheted item.

Super 10

Super 10 by Kertzer is a 100% cotton plied yarn, sharing both construction and fibre with the Tahki Cotton Classic. The colours offered by both the Cotton Classic and Super 10 are very close; the primary difference between the two yarns is skein size and price. Super 10 skeins have more yardage than Tahki Cotton; they are also twice the price, making it more expensive to complete some types of projects.


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