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Updated April 17, 2017

Pocket Dragons are a range of collectable figurines, manufactured by Collectible World Studios, and based on the winged beasts of legend. The first batch of Pocket Dragons were unveiled back in 1989, and included 27 figurines, as noted by the World Collector's Net website. A number of Pocket Dragons are released each year, while other figurines are retired. As of 2010, there are more than 400 Pocket Dragon models in existence, as shown on the Astral Castle website.

Dr. Dragon

This light green Pocket Dragon is dressed up like a medical professional. He carries a stethoscope and a bag of medicine, and wears an examining light on his head. The figurine was issued back in 2000, and then retired in 2006. According to the Astral Castle collector's website in November 2010, Dr. Dragon typically retails at around £15 on the second-hand market.

A Good Egg

This little green dragon is doing an impression of a boiled egg, perched as he is atop a blue egg cup. The figurine was released in 1989 and retired in 1991. The Astral Castle website places this figurine's second-hand value at £23.7 as of November 2010.

Fire Brigade

The Fire Brigade dragon is ready for work as a fire officer and comes complete with his own fire brigade helmet and water hose. Next to the dragon sits a little hedgehog companion. The figure is valued at £18 as of November 2010, according to the Astral Castle website. Fire Brigade was unveiled in 1999 and retired in 2003.

Opera Gargoyle

This brown-coloured dragon is all dressed up for a night at the opera; he was released in 1989 before being retired in 1991. He wears pieces of a black tux, and around his neck can be found a black bow tie. The figurine is valued on the Astral Castle website at £55 as of November 2010.

Playing Princess

This feminine-looking green dragon is playing at being a fairy tale princess. She wears a pink dress, complete with a silver tiara. Around this dragon's neck is a heart-shaped necklace, while in her claws she carries a pink magic wand. The Playing Princess figurine is valued at £18 by the Astral Castle website in November 2010, and was first issued in 2001. It was retired in 2004.


This figurine, released in 1997 and retired in 2002, is not one Pocket Dragon, but two for the price of one. The first of these two small green dragons is looking out of a centrally positioned telescope, while the other is clambering over the telescope. The figurine is worth around £55 on the second-hand market, as noted by the Astral Castle website in November 2010.

The Gallant Defender

The Gallant Defender dragon is depicted as a mighty knight carrying a silver sword and positioning a huge shining shield in front of him. Released in 1989, the figurine is worth around £23.7 as described on the Astral Castle website, as of November 2010. It was then retired in 1992.

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