Ways to Elevate the Head of My Bed

Written by susanne koenig | 13/05/2017
Ways to Elevate the Head of My Bed
Raise the head of your bed quickly and easily. (Dougal Waters/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Many sufferers of digestive disorders, such as acid reflux, are given advice to elevate the head of their bed to alleviate their symptoms. Elevating the bed is not too difficult, and many commercial products are on the market today to help raise the bed to an effective level, increasing the angle of the oesophagus and keeping the acid where it belongs -- in the stomach. This technique is also known as Inversion Bed Therapy.


Homemade or commercially available risers are a good way to elevate the head of your bed. Using risers made of durable plastic that fit under the rear mattress legs are easy to install and are inexpensive. Simply raise the leg of the bed off the ground, and slide the riser underneath. Homemade options include a couple of bricks or sectioned pieces of 2x4s or any spare pieces of lumber that will raise the bed while leaving the mattress stable.

Adjustable Beds

Many people don't like the look of a raised bed and chose instead to invest in an adjustable bed that will raise and lower with the touch of a button. These beds can be expensive but well worth the investment. They also make it easier to engage in activities in bed, such as watching television or eating, and can be extremely useful during a prolonged bedridden convalescence.


Foam wedges that fit between the box spring and mattress are available commercially. These wedges effectively raise the head of the bed the required 6 to 8 inches, thereby relieving many symptoms of acid reflux and other disorders.

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