Words for sympathy flowers

Finding the right words to go with sympathy flowers can be challenging. There are a number of meaningful things you can say to let the family know you care. Express your condolences in a way that's appropriate to your relationship, whether the sympathy card is addressed to a boss or best friend, whether it's a concise message, a prayer or a comforting tone. The timely sympathy flowers and words show the bereaved that you're thinking of them.

Fond Memories

When a family friend or loved one passes, you may begin your message on the sympathy card with "In loving memory of [Deceased's Name]."


To loved ones, writing "My heart is with you in this difficult time," sincerely conveys your empathy. Let them know that you are available if they need anything and consider delivering the sympathy flowers and card in person.


If you and the family of the deceased are religious, let them know they are in your prayers. You may write, "You're in my prayers" or write a brief prayer of love and loss on the card. You may want to avoid mentioning prayer if you are not certain that the family is religious. Consider what you feel when praying for someone, perhaps warmth and love. Write the family those words instead.


Let the family know how you knew the deceased. Tell them a little about the day you met their loved one and what your first impressions were. The family will appreciate hearing the impact their loved one had on other people's loves.


It takes time to manage the pain of losing someone. Send your best wishes to the grieving family with a simple statement like, "I wish you strength as you get through this rough time."

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