Things you can make out of coke cans

Updated April 13, 2018

Coke, or Coca-Cola, cans can be used to make all sorts of things. The cans are thin enough to cut with scissors and utility knives, can be found most anywhere and most projects can be made for free or nearly free. Best of all, repurposing Coke cans is a great way to create recycled art. Be sure to use care when cutting the cans, though, as the cut edges can be quite sharp. If crafting with children, an adult should always do the metal cutting.

Flower Jewelry

A flower brooch, pendant or charm can be made from Coke cans in just a few steps. First, draw a simple flower shape on an index card. Cut it out with scissors. Cut the top off the Coke can with a utility knife while wearing heavy work gloves. Then slice straight down one side of the can. Cut the bottom off. Flatten out the metal. Trace the flower onto the metal with a permanent marker and cut the shape out with scissors. Curl the flower petals with a pen or dowel. Poke tiny holes in the centre of the flower with a pin and string on some beads with a little craft wire. Attach a pin backing with strong glue such as E6000, if desired. Or poke a hole and use the flower as a charm or in any other way you like. You could layer flowers of many sizes together, attaching them with wire and beads through a hole in the centre, for an interesting variation.

Coke Star Christmas Lights

Custom Christmas or party lights can be made out of Coke cans. Cut out and flatten the can metal as detailed above. Draw stars of at least 1.5 inches onto an index card and trace those onto the metal with a marker. Cut out the stars. Use a hole punch in the centre of the metal stars. Push each star hole over one miniature light on a strand of party lights. For a variation, try flipping some stars silver-side-forward. Curl the edges of the stars for extra flair.


Coke cans can be made into Chinese-style lanterns. Mark lines one inch from the bottom and one inch from the top of the can all the way around, using a non-permanent marker or tape. Vertically cut slits in the can with the utility knife 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch apart, between the top and bottom lines. Cut across the bottom of two adjacent strips, then pull those strips gently away from the body of the can. Insert one end of a pencil and gently bend all strips outward at the centre, so the can takes on a lantern shape. Insert a tea light candle in the can bottom, then bend the two flap strips back into place.

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