Space Saving Ideas for a Corner Clothes Hanger

Updated February 21, 2017

Corner clothes hangers--portable racks to hang a wardrobe--help save space and messes in smaller rooms. However, if you have a large wardrobe with additional accessories, shoes and bulky winter coats, space-saving ideas come in useful to maximise corner clothes hangers. When considering how to free up room in your closet, consider whether you can part with any of your clothes or if you would prefer to create more room to stow them.

Letting Go

If you have a lot of clothes you like but do not wear, consider letting them go. Picking out the things you have not worn in a year, or more, will help you make sometimes hard decisions. You can either donate these clothes to a charity or store the clothes in a separate closet in a basement or garage. For out-of-season clothes, such as heavy winter coats in the summer, you can purchase an inexpensive rolling garment rack with moisture resistance to store the clothes safely for next year.

Save the Shoes

Coating a corner closet or clothes hanger rack floor with shoes creates clutter and confusion. If you have a plethora of shoes, picking through to see which shoes you will need for the current season can help you organise your collection. Getting a hanging shoe rack--either a travelling plastic sheet with slots or a wire rack--helps you store your shoes in a convenient, accessible system so you don't have to scrounge on the floor for a matching pair as you head out the door.

Hanger Organizers

Individual hangers take up a lot of room, especially thick plastic hangers. A clothes hanger organiser, however, lets you hang multiple or even quadruple clothing items on one hanger vertically. These hangers help to save space and, by default, help organise. For instance, you can hang an entire outfit--shirt, sweater and trousers or skirt--on one hanger.

Adding Cubby Hole Storage

Because the clothes hanger takes up a corner of your room, consider installing an additional corner cubby hole storage area above the closet. Ideal for organising odds and ends like jewellery, underwear, ties, tights and workout clothes, the cubby hole system is also accessible. You can slide the clothes hanger to the side to get to cubby if you want it hidden, or reach above to closet to reach extra items.

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