Signs of Intelligence in Toddlers

Updated July 19, 2017

Many parents feel that their child is special and look for early signs of high intelligence. While all children have a strong ability to learn, gifted children take these abilities to the next level with extra curiosity and quick learning. Parents who feel that their child may be gifted should encourage her skills and abilities and provide plenty of chances to learn new things.

Early Talking

Learning to talk earlier than usual is a trait often seen in children with high intelligence. By toddlerhood, an advanced child will often be speaking in full sentences and able to have short conversations with parents and caregivers.

Reading and Writing

Advanced toddlers may develop reading and writing skills young, often learning to read children's books well by age 4. While many toddlers learn the alphabet, the ability to recognise words and write them often occurs later.

Problem Solving

Gifted toddlers have excellent problem-solving skills and are able to solve puzzles with up to 50 pieces. Smaller puzzles aimed at younger children often bore them.

Good Memory

A good memory is a sign of intelligence in toddlers and young children. Kids who can remember situations that happened previously and talk about them are showing an indication of being gifted.

Asking Questions

Toddlers who are intelligent and gifted in learning will ask plenty of questions each day. The responses from parents will further aid them in learning and remembering facts and skills.

Good Sense of Humor

Smart children often display a good sense of humour. This typically develops at a young age, specifically in infancy, in advanced children. Signs of a good sense of humour includes learning and repeating jokes or performing behaviour repeatedly because it makes adults laugh.

Computer Skills

It takes plenty of experience and skill to operate computers. Gifted toddlers show a strong interest in computers, often mastering the ability to operate a computer by age 4.

Interest in Numbers

An interest in numbers and math may emerge at a young age. Gifted children typically have a strong understanding of basic math by age 4, before beginning school.


Strong creative ability is a sign of intelligence in children and adults alike. Kids who show an interest in music, drawing or other arts should be encouraged to develop these interests, as participating in the arts can further enhance learning abilities.

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