Packing Supplies for Mailing Live Plants

Updated February 21, 2017

When you are mailing live plants, proper packaging is essential to ensuring that the plants get to their destination intact. While mailing plants is more complicated than mailing seeds, it is a straightforward process as long as you have the right supplies. Packaging your plant correctly both protects the plant from harm and provides it with the moisture it needs while in transit.


Choose a narrow, sturdy cardboard box for mailing your live plant. The box should be long enough that the roots and leaves of the plant can stretch out normally, with minimal bending.


Newspaper is used to protect the roots and to keep them moist during transit. Soak the newspaper in water and then wrap several layers around the root of the plant. The stiffness of the paper will allow the plant some breathing room that it would not get from having a paper towel wrapped around the roots. The wet newspaper will stick to itself, and no tape or rubber-banding is necessary to keep the newspaper close to the roots.

Grocery Bag

Use several grocery bags to enclose the newspaper-wrapped plant. The grocery bags pad the plant when it is in the box, and by using several grocery bags, you create a greenhouse-like affect that keeps the plant warm while it is in transit. Several plants can be placed together inside the grocery bags.

Self-Adhesive Address Labels

Apply self-adhesive address labels to the outermost layer of plastic around the plant. Write the plant's name on the label, along with the lighting and watering requirements and any special care that the plant needs. This step is important when you are sending along several different plants.

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