Visa black card requirements

The Visa Black Card is the ultimate status symbol for high spenders. With this card, Visa customers are given access to special benefits and rewards programs that most other customers are not. The Black Card is the highest-level credit card that Visa has to offer. The Visa Black Card was introduced to compete with the ultra-exclusive American Express Black Card. Both are marketed to very high-income clientele.

Credit History

You must have nearly perfect credit to even begin to be considered for a Visa Black Card. Additionally, you may be required to provide your income levels from previous years to further establish your creditworthiness. An established payment history with the issuing bank, Barclays, may also be useful.

Credit Card Purchases

While there is no preset spending minimum, Visa Black Card caters to U.S. citizens who spend more than £32,500 on credit per year, which is roughly 1 per cent of the population.

Annual Fee

Accepted Visa Black Card members must also pay an annual fee of £321.

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