Chinese Herbs That Have Anti-androgenic Effects

Written by joel le blanc
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Chinese Herbs That Have Anti-androgenic Effects
Conditions such as baldness, acne and benign prostate growth might benefit from Chinese herbs. (Bald man from backside image by TekinT from

Several conditions are reliant on high levels of androgen hormones, such as benign prostate hyperplasia, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hirsutism and acne and prostate cancer, and have become a major concern for many people. The presence of anti-androgenic chemicals in traditional Chinese plants and herbal medicines may help to provide treatment and answers for people who are looking to balance their hormones with evidence-based, natural medicine.

Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum)

In a research study exploring the anti-androgenic effects of 20 species of mushrooms, reishi mushrooms had the strongest action in inhibiting testosterone. The study, published in the "Journal of Ethnopharmacology" in 2005 by Rumi Fujita and colleagues, found reishi mushrooms significantly reduced levels of 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that turns normal testosterone into the more potent hormone dihydrotestosterone. High levels of DHT are a risk factor in conditions such as benign prostate growth, acne and baldness.

Chinese Herbs That Have Anti-androgenic Effects
Reishi is king of the mushrooms when it comes to reducing androgens. (fungi image by Deborah Benbrook from

Korean Angelica (Angelica Gigas)

Although many people have not heard of Korean angelica, scientific research is making interesting discoveries with Chinese herb. In 2006, the journal "Cancer Research" published a study on Korean angelica; the study found that the plant had powerful anti-androgenic effects. Researcher Cheng Jiang and colleagues found the active chemical in Korean angelica that was most likely responsible was a steroid called decursin. Korean angelica is sometimes confused with dong quai (angelica sinensis), but like many other angelica species, dong quai has no effect on oestrogen or testosterone, according to author Ruth Trickey, in her book "Women, Hormones & the Menstrual Cycle."

Chinese Herbs That Have Anti-androgenic Effects
Korean angelica contains chemicals to reduce androgens. (frost on angelica image by Melva Vivian from

Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)

A small clinical trial found that liquorice root significantly decreases testosterone levels in healthy female volunteers. The study, published in the scientific journal "Steroids" in 2004 by researcher Decio Armanini, M.D., and colleagues, found that women taking liquorice root each day experienced a drop in testosterone levels in just one month; after discontinuation, testosterone levels returned to normal. This effect may be due to chemicals found in liquorice root, such as the steroid glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetic acid, which have an anti-androgen effect.

Chinese Herbs That Have Anti-androgenic Effects
Liquorice root decreases testosterone in healthy women. (Root image by D'or from

White Peony (Paeonia Lactiflora)

White peony is an important herb in traditional Chinese medicine and has been shown in studies to effect androgen levels in the body. One study published in the "American Journal of Chinese Medicine" in 1991 by researcher Toru Takeuchi and colleagues from the University of Tokyo found a chemical from white peony, called paeoniflorin, inhibited the production of testosterone and promoted the activity of aromatase -- an enzyme that converts testosterone into oestrogen.

Chinese Herbs That Have Anti-androgenic Effects
White peony may help to increase oestrogen in the body. (white peony image by Astroid from

Green Tea (Camelia Sinensis)

In addition to supporting the cardiovascular system and possibly preventing cancer, green tea may also have important anti-androgenic effects in the body. Green tea contains chemicals called epigallocatechins, which inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, and thereby reduce the conversion of normal testosterone into the more potent di-hydro-testosterone. This anti-androgen effects may help to reduce the risk of conditions such as benign prostate growth, acne and baldness.

Chinese Herbs That Have Anti-androgenic Effects
Green tea promotes a healthy heart, reduces cancer risk and protects the prostate. (green tea image by Ragne Kabanova from

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