Cleopatra Costume Ideas

Updated July 13, 2018

Queen of the Nile. Legendary beauty who was lover to both Julius Caesar and his general Marc Antony. Cleopatra has been known as an iconic sex symbol for thousands of years. Her distinctive clothing and facial style make an ideal costume for your next masquerade party. Begin with a plain white dress, add some inexpensive accessories and you recreate an Egyptian look for your next party.


Begin your costume with a plain long white dress. Shop at thrift stores to find a simple dress in a sheer fabric with no sleeves and a v-neck.


Cleopatra was known for wearing many colourful large jewelled pieces. Wear gold arm bands around your wrists and upper arms. Try to find a winding snake arm band to represent an asp. Purchase or make a gold collar to go over your shoulders and glue false jewels on the surface.


Add a wide jewelled belt around your waist. Purchase or make a cloth belt with ties, and add jewels in a bright design.


Purchase a straight black wig with a fringe that reach to your shoulders. Add a headband of gold. Use a lot of bright eye make-up with a pointed corner and dark eyeliner to emphasise an almond shape to the eyes.


Wear leather sandals, either in brown leather or a gold-coloured artificial leather. Find sandals with straps that wrap around the lower legs, or those with many intricate bands around the feet.

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