Backyard Ideas for a Small Townhouse

Updated February 21, 2017

For those who love apartment style living but want more space and to own their own property, they may choose to purchase a town house. One of the downsides to many town houses is the limited space in the backyard. Although the backyard is small, there are many ways to design and decorate this space to fit your needs and make the most of it.


When designing the landscape for your backyard, be aware that your space is limited and that you need to make the most out of the space available. When laying down the concrete, only make enough space for the patio furniture that you choose and maybe a grill if you have enough space. If you want to plant a garden in your backyard, ensure that there is some yard space in between the entrance to the backyard and the garden. Place the garden on the far end of the yard so that it extends the perception of the amount of space available. Plant flowers or small shrubbery around the concrete; if you prefer to lay stones, choose small stones so that the larger stones don't overwhelm the space.


When choosing the type of furniture you want in your backyard, you must assess the space before picking the best looking furniture. You cannot purchase a four-seat patio set with a fire pit in the middle if you only logically have room for two patio chairs. If you want something more than just two patio chairs, purchase a small swinging bench that can seat two or three people. This type of furniture does not take up much space but still allows for comfort and relaxation in your backyard. If you prefer something more simplistic, you can always have a bench installed or a separate bench placed along the wall of your patio to allow for maximum space. If your town house is set up with French doors opening up into the backyard, you do not have display any patio furniture; you can arrange this area as an extension off of the dining area. If you have two trees planted close together in the backyard, you can also set up a hammock.


Depending on the amount of space available in your backyard due to patio furniture and landscaping, you can add some spice to your backyard by adding potted plants and statues. If your goal is to achieve some sort of theme, use terracotta pots for your plants if you have a Tuscan theme, or choose Kung Fu sculptures if more of an Asian theme is your goal.

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