Birthday Party Themes & Ideas for a 10-Year-Old

Updated March 23, 2017

A 10th birthday is a significant one for both a child and his parents. A 10-year-old kid is transitioning from childhood to adolescence. In fact, he's often called a tween. If you are planning a party for your new tween, you have a variety of themes from which to choose.

Girls Party

When girls reach the age of 10, they usually feel too old to play with dolls, but they're not old enough for teen activities. Celebrate this awkward stage with a party theme fine-tuned to your daughter's current interests. For example, if your daughter is interested in a particular TV show or movie, throw her a party themed on that show or movie, such as "Hannah Montana" or "Camp Rock."

Another option is a chocolate spa-themed party. Invite a small group of girls to a children's day spa, where they'll be pampered with manicures, pedicures and chocolate facials.

Another way to celebrate is throwing a slumber party. Simply serve pizza or finger foods such as chicken nuggets and mozzarella sticks and birthday cake. Let the girls watch a PG-movie or play Wii games. Offer some type of activity, such as painting nails or decorating pillowcases with fabric markers.

Boys Party

A boys 10th birthday party should be activity focused. If your son loves a particular sport, such as soccer, hockey or baseball, throw him a party that allows the boys to play the game, and base all the decorations on that theme.

Some boys may simply enjoy a video game party. Rent several types of games or take a small group of boys to a video arcade.

If your son loves martial arts, throw him a samurai party where all the boys come in martial arts costumes, and they watch samurai movies. Give them plastic swords or plastic throwing stars as party gifts.

If your son enjoys "Star Wars," invite a group of boys for a slumber party and have them watch all the movies marathon-style.

Boys and Girls Party

If your 10-year-old wants to have a large party with both girls and boys, you can pick from a variety of themes. If the birthday's in the summer, throw a luau-themed pool party, complete with hula music, leis and torches. Another warm-weather activity is a group bike ride, provided you have enough adult chaperones.

Throw an "American Idol" party, complete with a karaoke machine. Designate a few guests to be the judges. Or consider a scavenger-hunt party.

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