Symptoms of Pregnancy in Pugs

A pug may not show any signs of pregnancy until the beginning of its fifth week. Some emotional signs may appear earlier. Your pug will show signs when her body is ready, but it is important for you to know what these signs are so you can prepare for the new additions to your family.


A general lack of energy is the most common sign of pregnancy in a pug and often appears before more conclusive physical signs. It is less a lack of energy than a redirection of energy within her body. The physical demands of pregnancy are extensive and take its toll on her physically. Look for her to be more sluggish while you are walking her or while she plays outside. Inside, she may tend to find one spot and spend hours resting or sleeping.

Bloated Stomach

Expect this to begin showing at the beginning of the fifth week of pregnancy. Monitor her food intake and pay close attention to her stomach growth during times when she is not eating more than normal. The size of this bloat will continue to grow and become more obvious as her pregnancy continues. A natural pug pregnancy takes approximately 63 days. Stomach bloating begins around halfway through this pregnancy period so once you see this it is time to begin thinking about the future.

Over Cleaning

A pug will begin cleaning herself much more often than normal. This is a good sign that she is pregnant and that her mothering instincts are developing naturally. She will continue to do this periodically throughout her pregnancy. It is not odd and you can let her bath herself freely.

Enlarged Nipples

Her nipples will grow and appear larger than normal. Some sensitivity is possible and she may refuse to allow anyone to touch her belly. Give her the space she needs but remain personal and supportive during times when she is willing.

After 69 Days

After 10 weeks of pregnancy, if your pug has not delivered yet, take her to your local veterinarian immediately. This is not necessarily a sign of a problem pregnancy but it is a situation where your vet needs to get involved. The doctor may need to force delivery in order to protect your pug as well as her pups. Do not wait this out. Once your dog has passed 10 weeks of pregnancy, complications could be an issue if you do not seek vet care.

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