The Strongest Hand Winches

Updated April 17, 2017

Hand winches help put boats onto trailers and pull off-roading vehicles out of ditches. They can also be used for hauling and light-load lifting. Hand winches provide a mechanical advantage to the user, and can move anywhere from 181 to 1814 Kilograms. Single-speed winches are good for light loads and short pulling distances, while two-speed winches handle heavier pulling, such as large boats. Other types include the worm-gear and brake winches.

The More Power Puller

The More Power Puller is made by the Wyeth-Scott Company out of Newark, Ohio. This powerful hand winch is designed for the rear of 4-wheel-drive vehicles, and is made from solid ductile and malleable iron. The hand winch has three hooks: a frame hook, end hook and tackle block hook, and comes with a wire rope. It has a dead-lift rating of two to three tons. A dead lift rating is the ability of the winch to lift an object straight up.

The Central Forge 5798

The Central Forge 5798 is a 2,000-pound capacity hand winch. This product is worm-gear driven and has a dead lift rating of 40:1. This winch is designed for permanent or temporary installations on pickup trucks and trailers. It has steel gears and 25 feet of galvanised steed cable with a hook. The mounting hardware is included with the hand winch. Central Forge products are available at hardware stores and tractor supply stores.

Dutton Lainson Hand Winch

The Dutton Lainson 2500 has 1134 Kilogram of lifting and towing capacity. Designed for boat trailers, this heavy-duty hand winch features laminated, high carbon gears and welded reel construction. It has ergonomic, steel-moulded grips for easy handling. The DL 2500 has slots in the reel for easy installation of a strap, and it also comes with a hand break, which is standard on heavy-duty models. The DL 2500 is available at marine and boat supply stores.

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