Name Three Reptiles That Are Ovoviviparous

Written by sandra mireles
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Name Three Reptiles That Are Ovoviviparous
Some chameleons are ovoviviparous. (chameleon image by Josef F Stuefer from

Some amphibians, reptiles, snakes and cartilaginous fish are ovoviviparous. Animals that are ovoviviparous reproduce by hatching their young within their bodies before giving birth. The offspring stay within the mother for a time where they feed off the yolk of the egg and not directly from the mother. In time the mother gives birth to her young.

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Slow Worm

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica the slow worm is a legless lizard in the Anguidae family. The slow worm is native to Eurasia but may be found in the grassy areas of Great Britain and Europe eastward to the Urals and the Caspian Sea. Adult slow worms reach 16 to 18 inches in body length but the tail may be nearly two times the length of the body. Slow worms do not have external limbs but do have ear openings and eyelids.

Cape Dwarf Chameleon

The cape dwarf chameleon, otherwise known as Bradypodion pumilum, is native to Western Cape in South Africa. The cape dwarf chameleon is ovoviviparous but a soft membrane-like substance surrounds the young and is discarded at birth. The young resemble the adults at birth and are generally 2 centimetres long at birth. Adult cape dwarf chameleons grow to 15 centimetres. The tongue is twice the length of the body which allows the chameleon to catch insects from a distance. The cape dwarf chameleon is on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species protected species list.

Eyelash Viper

Eyelash vipers are found in Central and South America. Their scientific name is Bothriechis schlegelii. These snakes are deadly but beautiful. Scales over their eyes give them the appearance of having eyelashes. They may be found in five colours, including bright yellow and green. Eyelash vipers have been shipped all over the world in shipments of bananas.

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