Spiders That Rear Up When Threatened

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For some, the mere glimpse of a spider is terrifying, though the critters are usually as equally scared of humans. Most species of spider will just run and hide and none will actively seek to attack humans. Bites from spiders occur when they are frightened and cornered. Some species can be even more scary when cornered, rearing up on their back legs in an aggressive pose meant to make us and predators back off.

Sydney Funnel Web Spider

The Sydney funnel web is a stout spider species with a thick abdomen and legs. They can grow to just over 1 inch in length and can live for up to eight years. Found in only a small area around the city of Sydney, they are a dangerous spider. Aggressive in defence, the spider will rear up on its back legs displaying its fangs. If bitten. a lot of venom is injected and can be fatal if not treated; even grazing bites need checking out.

King Baboon Tarantula

Native to Africa, the king baboon spider is large, growing up to 9 inches in length. They have thick, hairy bodies and legs covered in a reddish, coarse hair. Found in ground burrows, they mainly eat insects and occasionally small rodents. A nervous species, they can be aggressive in defence and rear up on their hind legs in a threatening pose. One of the more venomous tarantula species, their bites can be painful but are not generally fatal.

Mouse Spider

Mouse spiders are native to Australia but are found in the U.S. as well. They are a small but thickly-built spider with a thick abdomen and legs. Generally just over an inch in length, they live in small ground burrows which have web flaps covering the entrance. These flaps at the burrow's entrance mean the mouse spider is what is known as a trapdoor spider. Aggressive in defence, the species will rear up on their back legs when scared. It also has highly toxic venom which requires medical attention if bitten.

Goliath Bird Eating Spider

The largest tarantula species in the world is the Goliath bird eating spider. With a leg span of up to 12 inches they can weigh up to 70.9gr. They have coarse, dark to light brown hairs covering their whole bodies. Living for up to 25 years, the spider's name is misleading as it rarely eats birds. Its diet does consist of small reptiles, frogs, insects and rodents. It is highly aggressive and will rear up on its back legs when threatened. It also has a painful bite with venom that cause illness but rarely death.

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