Companies That Dye Fabric

Written by sonja herbert | 13/05/2017
Companies That Dye Fabric
Dye companies dye fabrics and clothes in all the colours of the rainbow. (colourful fabrics image by JoLin from

People have been dyeing fabrics for as long as people have been wearing clothes, but only in modern times have we been able to produce synthetic dyes that are colour-fast and come in all colours and hues. Companies all over the world keep developing new dyes and dyeing processes. They strive to meet their customers' requirements, whether they are large batches, smaller orders or requests to dye clothing on demand.

Companies in the U.S.

Companies That Dye Fabric
Some companies dye fabrics and garments. (red dress image by dinostock from

Colorep, Inc, invented a colouring process that works without using water, but it only works on synthetics, and this company only does large batches for the apparel industry. Amerbelle is located in Connecticut and specialises in jet dyeing, beam dyeing and jig dyeing. The John T. Bennett Company was one of the first dyeing companies to come out with the distressed look in dyeing. They specialise in pigment and wet dyeing. Metro Custom Dyeing, located in New York, does dyeing for famous design studios such as Oscar de la Renta and Victoria's Secret. They also do dyes in small batches and for individuals. Carolina Cotton Works focus on knitted fabrics and also does garment dying. Carr Textiles, Rebtex, Inc., Ripple Illusions and Spinnerin Dye specialise in hand- and tie-dyed garments.

Companies in Central and South America

Companies That Dye Fabric
Dye companies in Mexico and Peru dye traditional and modern clothing. (The Kazakh national clothes. image by anery from

Acafintex is located in Mexico and dyes all fabrics. They work with scattered dyes, fibre-reactive dyes, sulphurous dyes and others. Algolimsa has its headquarters in Peru, but also has an office in California. Besides dyeing, they manufacture fabrics and clothing.

Companies in Eastern Countries

Companies That Dye Fabric
Denim is dyed all over the world. (blue jeans image by AGITA LEIMANE from

Two large dyeing companies operate out of Pakistan. Alabid Silk Mills Limited focuses on dyeing furniture materials, curtains and bed linens, and Rehman House dyes, prints and finishes fabrics. Alps Industries Limited is located in India and focuses on Indian garment dyeing and furniture fabric dyeing. They service the apparel industry and individuals. Ahsima Dyecot Limited is located in India, and they focus on shirt and denim dyeing. In Turkey, Ceyteks Tekstil specialises in dyeing knitted fabrics, and Oxford Dyeing PVT. Ltd., is located in Sri Lanka.

Companies in Europe

Companies That Dye Fabric
Tie-dyeing can be done at home or professionally. (tie dyed green image by Steve Mann from

Pozzi Leopoldo Spa and Tintoria Astico operate out of Italy. Pozzi Leopoldo specialises in dyeing and garment finishing, and Tintoria Astico performs mainly cotton and woollen garment dyeing. Showhurst is located in the United Kingdom, and they mainly dye workwear and promotional garments. Stevenson Dyers are also from Britain. They do spray dye, tie-dye and garment dyeing. Steverlynck NV from Belgium focuses on dyeing yarns and fabrics, and the German company Degerdon & Co. GmbH, commissions the dyeing of woven and knitted fabrics.

Companies in Canada

Companies That Dye Fabric
Many dye companies specialise in colouring fleece, terry and other knitted fabrics. (colourful towels - copy space at top and bottom of image by Gina Smith from

Dye Pro Services of Canada offers textile and garment hand dyeing, and they have clients all over the world. Gideon Textiles colours fabric for wholesalers. They specialise in fleece, rib, terry and other knitted fabrics.

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