30th wedding anniversary celebration ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

By the time a couple has celebrated 30 years of marriage, they have faced a number of joys and challenges together, and have indeed reached a milestone. If you and your spouse are commemorating 30 years of wedded bliss this year, do something memorable to mark the anniversary. You can celebrate as a couple or with friends and family.

'Diamonds and Pearls' Party

Invite your loved ones to celebrate at a party with a diamonds and pearls theme; these precious stones are the traditional ones for a 30th anniversary. Purchase large glass vases and fill them with synthetic pearls or plastic diamonds for centrepieces or decor, and ask family members to share a "pearl of wisdom" or timeless "diamond" memory at the occasion. These can be collected in a scrapbook or recorded digitally. Serve diamond-shaped foods such as chocolates or cookies, and pearl pasta with meat or vegetables as the main course. Spouses can surprise each other with gifts of diamonds or pearls at the party.


You and your sweetie can enjoy the day outdoors with a 30th anniversary picnic, using elements that are in keeping with the theme. Green is the colour for this anniversary year, so bring a green blanket for your spread. Present a bouquet of lilies or sweet peas (30th anniversary flowers) to your loved one during the picnic, or take your spouse to a place where you can pick these flowers together. You also can celebrate by feeding each other "green" foods, such as pesto-seasoned pasta, or fresh white grapes and green pears.

'30 Years Ago' Party

Get together with family and friends at an anniversary party that pays homage to memories that have been 30 years in the making. Gather some pictures of you and your spouse from 30 years ago to use as party decorations, and make your original wedding picture the centrepiece of the main table. Ask friends to create mock news articles about important events that took place when you first married. Topics could include fashion trends that were popular, or news significant to your group of loved ones, such as when other married couples in your group started dating. Everyone can dress in fashions popular the year you were married, and play music from that time. Don't forget to include the song played during your first dance as a married couple.

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